Ishinryu are back in the Dojo

Dojo training has now returned for some clubs.  The EKF have confirmed that the new ‘six-person’ rule (introduced September 14th) does not impact training because Karate is an organised team sport.

Brentwood & Cranham were first back into the Dojo.  Training restarted on August 26th.  Lessons each Wednesday at 7 p.m.. and Saturday morning at 9:15 a.m.  Dragons have a dedicated class at 5:30 on Wednesday and train alongside the seniors on Saturday morning.

Woodlane returned to a new Dojo on September 7th.  Lessons are each Monday at 7 pm. and Thursday at 7 p.m.

The new Hombu opens 22nd September for higher grades, with lessons each Tuesday at 7 p.m.  Much more detail on the Hombu very soon.

In all cases opening was dependent on the venue being ready.  Other clubs will open up as and when they can. But already there is opportunity for ‘live’ training five days of the week.

All our clubs follow EKF guidelines on Covid safety, so always arrive in good time for more checks at book in time.  We also ask you to confirm your attendance ahead of time to make sure we can maintain distancing.  Your own club will supply further detail.

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Upcoming Ishinryu Events

Please check here, and on our Facebook groups, for the status of events later this year.  Ishinryu will continue to follow Government and EKF guidelines in regard to holding events.

The 2020 Summer Course is cancelled

Having monitored things carefully over recent weeks we have decided to cancel the 2020 Summer Course. We do this with the safety and well-being of our students as our primary concern.
We cancel now, with a full two months to go, to dispel any uncertainty and to give everyone time to make other plans.
General gradings, as held on the Summer Course, are also cancelled.
As soon as the time comes when we can train safely together again there will be announcements in regard to new Courses and General Gradings. Please continue to monitor our Facebook Groups and for news updates.

2020 Event Timetable

Spring Pre-Grading CourseSunday 22nd March Cancelled

Spring General GradingSunday 5th April Cancelled

Summer CourseWeekend of 20th / 21st June Cancelled

Autumn One-Day CourseSunday 25th October  Cancelled

Autumn Pre-Grade Course – Sunday 15th November

December General Grading – Sunday 6th December

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Regular Ishinryu Events

Each year Ishinryu clubs get the opportunity to train together at Ishinryu wide courses and events. Other karate styles are also welcome to attend.  The UK annual timetable runs as follows:

  • February or March – One day Pre-grading course for 5th Kyu and above
  • June – The Open Summer Course runs over a weekend and has been presented every year since the mid seventies
  • October – One Day course.  All grades welcome for a day of intensive training
  • November – One day Pre-grading course for 5th Kyu and above

General gradings are held in March, June, and December of each year.  You must attend the entire Summer Course to grade in June

Small Facebook IconSee our Ishinryu group on Facebook for more detail and regular updates on events.

Ishinryu News

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About Ishinryu Karate

Ishinryu blends a number of karate styles including Kyokushinkai, Wado-ryu and Shotokan.

About Ticky Donovan OBE

Ishinryu was founded in 1973 by Ticky Donovan OBE (9th Dan) who continues to run the style today.

The Open Summer Course

Celebrating over 40 years the Ishinryu summer course is a firm fixture on the UK karate calendar.

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