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Upcoming Ishinryu Events

2019 November Pre-Grading Course

 The 2019 November Pre-Grading Course will be held on Sunday 17 November at the Forest Row Centre

This Course is open to all 5th Kyu (Green Stripe) and above and required for anyone planning attend the December General Grading.

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2019 November Pre-Grade £15.00 Open to 5th Kyu and above

Regular Ishinryu Events

Each year Ishinryu clubs get the opportunity to train together at Ishinryu wide courses and events. Other karate styles are also welcome to attend.  The UK annual timetable runs as follows:

  • February or March – One day Pre-grading course for 5th Kyu and above
  • June – The Open Summer Course runs over a weekend and has been presented every year since the mid seventies
  • October – One Day course.  All grades welcome for a day of intensive training
  • November – One day Pre-grading course for 5th Kyu and above

General gradings are held in March, June, and December of each year.  You must attend the entire Summer Course to grade in June

Small Facebook IconSee our Ishinryu group on Facebook for more detail and regular updates on events.

Ishinryu News

Food for Thought book cover

Ticky Donovan foreward to David Croft Book

Food for thought is described as a combination of life, karate, cooking and disability.  The forward of the book was ...
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Kate Kawacinski - 2019 English National Championships

2019 – English National Championships

Gidea Park and Hornchurch Ishinryu took a small selected squad to the English National Championships this weekend (13-14 July), held ...
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2019 - Kate is the 4 Nations Karate Champion

2019 – Kate is the 4 Nations Karate Champion

Breaking news - more detail to follow ...
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BIK Logo icon

2019 – Meopham Regional Championships (10-Feb)

2 GOLD and 2 BRONZE MEDALS for Gidea Park and Hornchurch Ishinryu students at the most recent competition attended by ...
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About Ishinryu Karate

Ishinryu blends a number of karate styles including Kyokushinkai, Wado-ryu and Shotokan.

About Ticky Donovan OBE

Ishinryu was founded in 1973 by Ticky Donovan OBE (9th Dan) who continues to run the style today.

The Open Summer Course

Celebrating over 40 years the Ishinryu summer course is a firm fixture on the UK karate calendar.

Archive Photo Gallery

Images from Ishinryu – past and present.